The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Adotta un chilometro - partnership Terrecablate Benefit Corporation

The wealth of L’Eroica: the environment

The heritage of L’Eroica, which has been spreading its culture since 1997 in the province of Siena, is constituted by the territory: 17 wonderful villages that, with their extension, density, and history, provide the backdrop for the sentiment of the thousands of people who return to this corner of Tuscany every year to cycle.

17 villages, 2 routes, 290 kilometers

These 17 villages are traversed by 2 permanent routes, that of L’Eroica and that of Eroica Montalcino, which with their total of 290 kilometers delimit the roads that this movement uses to distribute itself in the landscape.

The human heritage of L’Eroica's geography

The human heritage of this geography is the driving force behind the "Adotta un chilometro" project. People and cyclists, through the local associations of the 17 villages and supported by Terrecablate Benefit Corporation, will take over the kilometers of the two routes that pass through the relevant municipality, taking care of cleaning the roadside, thus becoming together actors and examples of respect and protection of their environment.

Terrecablate Benefit Corporation: social responsibility and environmental protection

Terrecablate Benefit Corporation supports Eroica Italia in this initiative for environmental protection, with a strong identity paying close attention to the territory and its safeguarding, sensitive to the theme of sustainability.