The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

L'Eroica was born in 1997 in Gaiole in Chianti, a small village in the province of Siena, where creator Giancarlo Brocci, together with 92 hunters of feelings and emotions - as he called them - started the first edition of a magical cycling event; an event combining challenging routes, magnificent landscapes and unforgettable refreshments in a unique way.



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mini Chianti
mini Chianti
獲得標高 755M
Taste the L’Eroica atmosphere on this simple route that takes about 3 hours and has a 700m altitude difference.
Short Route
Short Route
獲得標高 1,612M
This route is the "gateway" to the myth of L'Eroica. Covering about 4 hours, in addition to the highlights of the leisure route.
Hundred Route
Hundred Route
獲得標高 1,793M
A new route that passes through the Crete Senesi has been added to the 23rd edition of L'Eroica, Gaiole in Chianti. The route is challenging but is within reach of many because the length and elevation gain are not excessive.
Medium route - crete senesi
Medium route - crete senesi
獲得標高 2,235M
We are touching on the "legend", while still within reach of amateur cyclists, with route times that can stretch beyond 10-12 hours or more.
long route
long route
獲得標高 3,891M
This is "L’Eroica" at its most authentic. With over 3,700m altitude difference and an average 15-hour ride, many finish after 10pm!
permanent route
permanent route
獲得標高 3,380M
The great L’Eroica adventure is no longer restricted to the first Sunday in October. In fact, the best vintage leisure ride can be enjoyed all year long!
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We want to thank each of you. There were 8,000 of you and all of us together succeeded in making the event intimate, where cycling and our old bikes helped us torealise a dream, getting us all together in one enormous embrace.