The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest


The Concorso d'Eleganza (from now on CdE) of Gaiole in Chianti 2022 is organized by Eroica in partnership with Biciclette d'Epoca magazine, a reference point in the vintage cycling sector, which will make use of the collaboration of associations, exhibitions and experts in the field of restoration and collecting of historic bicycles for the composition of the jury.


- The purpose of the CoE is to promote the culture of the bicycle and possibly its use during Eroica events, in other sporting / exhibition events and in everyday life.

- The aim of the competition is to enhance the specimens submitted to the jury by giving them awards that can highlight not only their historical and stylistic value but also the great passion for restoration shown by the owners, in full respect of the participatory spirit of Eroica and the rigor of Biciclette d'Epoca.


All bicycles presented will belong to two main macro categories defined as follows:

- Preserved: bicycles that have not been repainted, nickel-plated or re-chromed, which have not been subjected to significant replacement interventions.

- Restored: bicycles brought back similar to the new one thanks to the restoration interventions.

The candidate can specify the category to which the bicycle belongs, which can however be modified at the discretion of the jury.

Given these definitions, the categories in competition are as follows:

A) Preserved until 1948.

B) Preserved from 1949 to 1987.

C) Restored until 1948

D) Restored from 1949 to 1987.

E) Other typology (tourism, work, military, etc.) until 1987.


- The best model for each category will be awarded, for a total of 5 winners.

- The following awards will then be awarded regardless of the category. No bicycle will be able to win more than one of these awards. If the winner of the “Best in show” award is also nominated for another award, the latter will be awarded to the second bike classified for that award.

 - Fidelity Award: for the bicycle that will be considered as a whole more complete and coherent.

 - Pearl of the Eroica: for the bicycle judged to be rarer.

 - Eroica Style: for the most stylish and captivating bicycle regardless of any other evaluation.

 - Combined of Elegance: for the best combination of style between the bicycle and the clothing of the person who will take it into the competition.

 - Best in Show: for the bicycle considered by the jury to be the most deserving model in the competition.


Single category awards

- Each bicycle will be evaluated by the individual jurors according to the following parameters with a score from 1 to 5:

 - Rarity

 - Consistency

 - Completeness

- The sum of these parameters in all the judges' cards will give the overall score of the bicycle.

- With the same score, the bicycle that has obtained the highest score in the individual parameters as shown in the list will be awarded (the first to be taken into consideration will be the “rarity” factor and gradually the others).

- In the event of a further tie, the Jury will decide by majority vote.


- Each juror may indicate up to three competitors for each of the 5 foreseen awards. The “Combinata d'Eleganza” award will be awarded exclusively on the basis of the clothing and conditions of the vehicle when it will be exhibited in Gaiole during the competition.

- The specimen that collects the most reports will obtain recognition.

- In the event of a tie, the evaluations of the categories will be taken into consideration (i.e. overall score and then the individual parameters).

- In the event of a further tie, the Jury will decide by majority vote.


- The bicycles will be exhibited in Gaiole in Chianti on Friday 30 September starting at 14:00 in an area that will be communicated to participants via email (indicatively, the entrance to the historic center of Gaiole).

- An identification number will be assigned to each bicycle in the competition.

- It is the participant's responsibility to bring a kickstand that allows the bicycle to stand upright.

- Each participant is invited to remain available to the jury until the end of the competition (within 6 pm maximum).


- The award ceremony will take place around 4.00 pm or in any case not before the jurors have defined prizes and awards in a place to be defined.

- The winners will be called on the stage for awards and ritual photos.

- Attendance is required at the time of the award ceremony. If the winner is not available by the end of the event, the prize will be awarded to the second classified and so on.


- To participate in the CoE it is necessary to register on the website in the Events section.

- The cost for registration is 10 euros and the deadline is midnight on Sunday 25 September 2022.

- All registrations that are not completed by the deadline (complete data, photos and payment) will not be considered valid.

- The maximum number of entries, adding all the categories, is 40 specimens.

- It will also be possible to register on site but priority will be given to bicycles registered online.

- All subscribers must provide the following information:

 - Last name

 - First name

 - Email

 - Bike model

 - Bike brand

 - Production year

 - Frame serial number (if present, otherwise write "not present")

 - Frame size

 - Photograph of the "noble side" of the bicycle (transmission side)