The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

1. ORGANIZERS and JURY The Concours d'Elegance (hereinafter referred to as CdE), Gaiole in Chianti 2021 is organized by Eroica in partnership with the Biciclette d'Epoca

 magazine, a point of reference in the vintage cycling sector, which will seek collaboration with associations, exhibitions, restoration experts and collectors of historical bicycles in the composition of the jury.


- The aim of the CdE is to promote the culture of the bicycle and its use, possibly to participate in Eroica events, other sporting events, exhibitions and in every day life.

- The aim of the competition is to reward the bicycles subjected to the opinion of the jury by assigning awards that highlight not only their historical and stylistic value but also the great passion for restoration shown by their owners, in full respect of the participatory spirit of Eroica and the precision of Biciclette d'Epoca.


All bicycles presented will be divided into two main categories, as follows:

- Maintained: bicycles that have not been repainted, rechromed nor nickel-plated, which have not undergone significant interventions or substitution of pieces.

- Restored: bicycles that are like new, thanks to restoration.

Candidates can specify the category in which they wish to enter their bicycle, but this can be modified by the jury at any time.

According to these definitions, the competition categories are as follows:

A) Maintained racing bike pre-1948.

B) Maintained racing bike: 1949 to 1987.

C) Restored racing bike pre-1948.

D) Restored racing bike: 1949 to 1987.

E) Other type of maintained bike (city bike, working bikes, military bikes, etc.) pre-1987.

F) Other type of restored bikes (city bike, working bikes, military bikes, etc.) pre-1987.


- The best model in each category will receive a prize, for a total of 6 prizes.

- The following awards will be assigned regardless of the category. No bicycle may win more than one of these awards. In case the winner of the “Best in show” award is nominated for another award, that award will be assigned to the second bicycle classified.

 - Loyalty Prize: for the bicycle that is considered most complete and coherent.

 - Pearl of the Eroica: for the bicycle that is judged to be the most rare.

 - Eroica Style: for the most stylish and captivating bicycle, regardless of every other consideration.

 - Combined Elegance (male & female): for the most stylish couple from the point of view of the bicycle and clothing of the candidates.

 - Futueroica: for the youngest entrant of the competition.

 - Best in Show: for the bicycle considered to be the absolute best by the jury.


Prizes in each category

- Each bicycle will be evaluated by single jury members, according to the following criteria, rating them from 1 to 5:

 - Rarity

 - Coherence

 - Intergrity

 - Quality

 - Style

- The sum of the scores on each judge’s checklist will give the overall evaluation of the bicycle.

- In the event of a draw, the bicycle with the highest score in the single criteria listed above (“rarity” will be the first criteria to be considered, followed by each of the others).

- In the event of a further draw, the Jury will decide by a majority vote.


- Each judge may indicate up to three competitors in each of the 5 award categories, except “Futueroica”. The “Combined Elegance” award will be assigned exclusively on the basis of the clothing of participants and the condition of their bicycles at the time they are displayed in Gaiole during the competition.

- The model that accumulates most points will receive the award.

- In the event of a draw, the scores for each category will be taken into consideration (overall score and then each single criteria).

- In the event of a further draw, the Jury will decide by a majority vote.

- The “Futueroica” prize will be awarded on the basis of the age of the competitors.


- Bicycles will be exhibited in Gaiole in Chianti on Friday 1 October 2021, from 14:00 hrs at the Luciano Berruti monument.

- Each competing bicycle will be assigned a number.

- Participants are expected to provide a stand on which to display their bicycles.

- Each participant is invited to remain at the disposal of the jury until the end of the competition (18:00 hrs at the latest).


- The awards ceremony will take place at about 16:00 hrs, and not before judges have decided on the prizes to be awarded.

- Winners will be called to the stage to receive prizes and for photos.

- Participants are requested to be present for the prize-giving. If the winner is not available before the end of the event, the prize will be awarded to the second in line and so on.


- To participate in the CdE, register online on

- Registration costs €10 and must be completed by midnight on Sunday 26 September 2021.

- Registrations that have not been completed by the deadline (data, photo and full payment) will not be considered valid. Registration will not be possible in loco.

- The maximum number of entrants, totalling all categories, is 40.

- Each person may participate with just one bicycle.

- All entrants must provide the following information:

 - Brand and model of the bicycle

 - Category

 - Year of construction

 - Frame matriculation number (if present)

 - Description of the bicycle and its single components

 - Frame size

 - Photographs requested:

  - View of the whole bike from the gear side

  - Detail of the groupset

  - Steering, handlebars and brakes

  - Bottom bracket shell

  - Saddle and seat lugs

  - It is important to send good photographs to facilitate judges in selecting bikes.