The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

The race includes two routes with timed special stages and free-running transfer sections as well as a cycle touring route.

The regulation of the event affiliated and promoted by A.C.S.I. complies with the National Amateur Sector Implementation Rules of F.C.I.

All Participants are required to carefully read the following rules before registering.


NOVA EROICA will take place on Saturday 17 September 2022 in Castel del Monte de L’Aquila Italy.

The race includes a competitive path with special timed stages and transfer sections in free gear and a cycle tourism path.

NOVA Eroica will host the National Gravel Championship A.C.S.I, as defined in Article 13.

In these Regulations NOVA Eroica will also be defined as the Event, the Event or the Race.


Nova Eroica is a cycling race for gravel bicycles, but road and cyclocross bicycles with steel, titanium and aluminum frames are also allowed; mountain bikes and pedal assisted bicycles are prohibited.

Bicycles must have handlebars with racing folds.

Gravel bicycles to be defined as such must have minimum 32mm tires and disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.

2.1 Definition of Gravel Bike

The frame of a gravel bicycle is the derivation of a Cyclocross frame, already widely defined by the FCI. The differences between a CX frame and a gravel bike are:

• Bottom bracket shell height 27.5 / 28 mm

• 1.5 / 3 cm higher head tube on average

• Head tube angle greater than 70 °

• Rear carriage and fork of such width to accommodate wheels up to 50 (average wheels used 700x32 / 40 or 560bx40)

• 140/160 mm disc brakes

• Internal cable routing

• Steel / carbon frame in some cases also aluminum

• 1x or 2x gear group (type Ekar Campagnolo or GRX Shimano or Force Sram)

• Curved handlebar


NOVA Eroica Gran Sasso includes 2 routes:

• Medium "Giro di Campo Imperatore" 95 km competitive

• Short “Tour of the Rocca di Calascio” Km 55 for cycle tourism

The Agonistic routes include transfer in free gear and special timed stages, the cycling route is totally in free gear.

The round of the ACSI Gravel National Championship will take place only on the medium course “Giro di Campo Imperatore“ km 95 and is open only to Italian athletes.

 The routes will be marked with arrows but everyone will have to rely on the GPS tracks and time tables available on the website

 The Organization will guarantee the presence of a Race Start and an End Race, which will pass along the routes.

Departures will take place respecting the following times:

• Medium “Giro di Campo Imperatore” 95 km 8.00 am

• Short “Tour of the Rocca di Calascio” Km 55 At 8.00


The race has 3 starting grids:

• GROUP “A” - Eroica Club Cycle


• GROUP "B" - National Gravel Championship A.C.S.I

         Gravel bicycles

  GROUP "C" - Road Bicycles

                                 Cyclocross bikes


In order to respond promptly to the Italian legislation, it is necessary that all cyclists at the time of registration are registered with FCI or by bodies affiliated with FCI (ACSI, US ACLI, CSI, CSAIN, AICS, LIBERTAS, CSEN and UISP); OPES and ASI members must activate the BIKE Card.

The valid Sports Card for Cycling must be uploaded to the appropriate section of the MyEroica registration platform at least 15 days before registration to allow the organization to validate it. The cards will in fact be checked within 15 days of their loading.

The Membership Categories are:



The cards of F.C.I., or of the Bodies affiliated with F.C.I (ACSI, US ACLI, CSI, CSAIN, AICS, LIBERTAS, CSEN and UISP) are valid; OPES and ASI members must activate the BIKE Card.

Italian cyclists NOT in possession of a Sports Card for Cycling can register by making the payment of € 10 with the automatic activation of the "A.C.S.I. Supporting Member Card" which includes daily insurance coverage for events organized in Italy by Eroica Italia S.S.D. a r.l ..

The A.C.S.I. can be downloaded by following the procedure below:

After registering on the MYACSI page on the left column click on membership data then follow the instructions to view the card and download it in PDF format or take a screenshot.

The A.C.S.I. includes the daily insurance policy, which can be downloaded from the A.C.S.I. at the following link:

The Cyclists