The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

The window shop competition is back with the theme "Eroica Montalcino: bellezza in bicicletta". Montalcino from 24 to 26 may 2024

Eroica Italia SSD in partnership with Confcommercio, on the occasion of EROICA MONTALCINO, announces the Eroica window shop competition "Eroica Montalcino: bellezza in bicicletta".

The Competition has no winners, all window shop will be awarded.


Art. 1

All commercial, craft and public establishments open to the public located in the Municipality of Montalcino can participate in the competition. Membership and participation in the competition is voluntary and free.

Art. 2

The theme of the proposed competition is "Eroica Montalcino: bellezza in bicicletta".

Participants will be able to freely interpret the theme of the competition with furnishings, colors and materials inspired by the beauty of the bicycle.

Art. 3

Entries for the competition must be submitted in writing no later than 12 May 2024 by filling in the appropriate form LINK.

Art. 4

The economic activities participating in the competition will be given:

  • Identification plate of the Eroica Montalcino 2024 Window competiton
  • Race Box (Friday 24 May in the Loggiati del Palazzo Comunale Storico in Piazza del Popolo)

Art. 5

All window shop will be awarded.

All participants in the competition will be given a certificate of participation with a photo of the window shop.

Art. 6

The distribution of the certificates of participation will take place during Eroica Montalcino.

Art. 7

Participation in the competition obliges the participants to recognize and accept all the provisions of these Regulations.